Using Your Nutrimen Software

Nutrimen is an incredible piece of software that can be utilised to increase your nutritional service offering. Key features Web based professional dietary analysis; wherever you have internet access Google-like searching makes foods easy to find. Data entry takes only 25% time compared to other packages (student dietitian survey June 2014) Quick look ups in McCance database. Easily export charts and tables into Word, Excel or SPSS. Use Nutrimen data analysis directly in your own report Intuitive recipe analysis Add custom food in under 60 seconds Free look-ups to the McCance database Use the search box on the home screen to explore the database for free. Try searching for ‘cornflakes’, choose your portion size and browse the nutrients provided by that portion size. Scroll down the list to access 30 key nutrients. An introduction to food look ups
Intuitive food diary analysis Nutrimen is a completely web-based tool, so you can analyse food diaries from any computer wherever you have internet access. Foods are easy to find through our google-like search facility. You decide how many nutrients you’re interested in and define the demographics of your client. Analysing a food diary
Devise recipes and compare to Traffic Light Labels Quickly put together a recipe and then compare to the Food Standards Agency traffic light labels. Your recipes are saved under your profile ready for use in any of your own food diaries. Creating a recipe and analysing it
Creating your first food diary
We hope this has helped you understand and get to grips with the Nutrimen software Best Regards The ACA Team