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Self Myofascial Release + Vibration Technology Course

Course for warmup and recovery written by
Tony Ambler-Wright, MS, LMT, CES, PES, CSCS,
MS in Exercise Science & Health Promotion (CalU).

Content Overview

The Coaching Academy includes an extensive business course covering all aspects of operating a health and fitness business helping coaches to develop long term, sustainable and profitable business models.

The Business Acumen course is designed to improve an individuals understanding of their own business, how to enhance it’s moving parts, scale it beyond its core offering and create a vehicle for improving it’s overall financial performance.

Module 1 Business Strategy

This module is designed to increase your knowledge and understanding of strategic management and strategic issues within your business. It will introduce you to a range of contemporary issues encountered within your organisation and teach you how to build and develop dynamic strategies to deal with these issues.

Understanding your business

Understanding your demographic

Psychographics and Market Segmentation

The Industry

Time Management

Business Acumen Review

Business Analysis And Brand Identity

Defining And Building Your Personal Brand Part One

Defining And Building Your Personal Brand Part Two

Mission Statement

Goals And Objectives

Business Segmentation And Customer Service

Brand Perception Part One

Brand Perception Part Two

Developing A Business Strategy Part One

Developing A Business Strategy Part Two

Executing Your Strategy

Scaling your Business

Taking your Business Online

Module 2 Business Finance

The finance module introduces you to business formation and the financial responsibilities of your organisation. It addresses financial and time management, investment and budgetting decisions within your business.

Understanding Business Formation And Revenue

Business Budgetting

Developing a Marketing Budget

Business Accounting

Understanding Customer Value

Module 3 Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing is an essential part of the success of any business. Module three looks at how we appeal to our key demographics and how to communicate effectively with them. It addresses the retention of clients and the overall value placed on offerings across the business. How we upsell and scale our current business offerings to ensure lifetime business growth.

Audiences And Media

Social Media Channels

Writing Content

Agglomeration Of Your Audience And Business


Mastering Facebook Part I

Mastering Facebook Part II

Consumer Behaviours And Leveraging Social Media

Mastering Twitter

Mastering Instagram

Content Creation And Editing

Getting A Grasp Of Analytics

Content Marketing And Social Analytics

Further Social Analytics

New Content Or Content Curation

Knowing, Liking And Trusting

How to Leverage and Monetise yourself

Audience Acquisition and Building Customer Loyalty

Secondary Revenue Streams Within Your Core Business

Online Personal Training Part One

Online Personal Training Part Two

Online Personal Training Part Three

Packages Prices and Insecurities

Planning Events

Creating a Marketing Strategy

Developing a Marketing Budget

Driving Sales

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Module 4 Leadership and Management

Module four serves to enhance your leadership and management skills exploring a wide range of key topics that will enhance your knowledge, skills and project effectiveness, including leadership styles, organisational cultures, staff development, teamwork, and management research.

The Difference between Leadership and Management

Creating A Winning Company Culture

Hiring to Grow your Business

Course Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course delegates will be able to:

Understand the key demographics the business serves and how to reach and communicate with them.

Identify the businesses key drivers for growth and their relationship to each other.

Interpret and understand key business data and analytics.

Average Learning Hours/week 2-4

Full Access to E-learning area and Exclusive members content

52+ Certified Business Lessons

10 CPD points upon completion (CIMSPA)

Fully delivered online content available worldwide.

Access to the ACA private community group

Exclusive ACA Discounts including seminars and our preferred partners.

  • I’ve 2 degrees and quite a few courses done over the years and I can safely say this was the best investment i’ve ever made. You have created something very special.

    Matt Cooney

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