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ACA Coaching Assets

Custom Branded Exercise Journal

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Want to offer your own Custom Branded Exercise Journals to your clients?

Want to stock and retail journals in your gym or online store?

Custom Branding

  • Your company logo and website are featured on the cover alongside a custom journal name.
  • Custom journal introduction including your signature and name.

What's Inside?

Custom Introduction, Using Your Journal, Using Your Training Log, Movement Order Explained, Movement Parameters Explained, Program Abbreviations Explained, Training Split Planner, Monthly Measurement Tracker, Rep Max Calculator and Tracker, Training Logs, Undated Calendar and Notes section.

The Journal

  • A5 - 148mm x 210mm
  • 250gsm Silk Cover
  • Matt Laminated
  • 120gsm Internal Pages
  • Premium Metal Wire
  • Made in the UK
  • FREE Delivery

52 Weeks of Tracking if logging 5 workouts a week.


Print Package

workout log

Workout Intent | Warm Up/Movement Preparation | Exercise Order | Name | Tempo | Reps | Sets | Weight | Rest | Movement Volume | Cardiovascular Log | Daily Steps | Total Volume

260 x Workout Pages

custom introduction

Submit your own introduction to your Journal, add your signature and name.


How to use the Journal is included so your clients or customers will be able to understand the logging process with ease.

monthly measurements

Logs for monthly measurements, bodyweight and bodyfat percentage.

rep max tracker and SPLIT PLANNER

Rep Max Tracker and calculator for sub max estimates.

Split Planner to plan your workout splits and training blocks.


Track your daily compliance and make all important notes throughout your journey.