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Specialist Recipe Book Bundle

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Get access to our CUSTOM branded Specialist Recipe Book Pack and social media material designed to enhance your fitness business.

Select from one of 10 available templates for the entire pack.

Professionally produced and fully licensed material to help with client support, acquisition, and retention.

Giving your clients access to resources that assist them in conveniently creating and acquiring food increases results and retention significantly.

You'll receive:

  • Four hundred and fifty recipes across 15 books. 5x High Protein, 5xGluten Free and 5x Vegan Books.
  • Each book contains breakfasts, sides and small dishes, main courses and desserts. All professionally made, styled, and shot.
  • All macro counted, available in imperial or metric measures and featuring MyFitnessPal and Nutracheck barcodes on each recipe.
  • 1350 social media assets in total across all of the packs also included. Instagram Swipe across files, and story images included in each package.