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Applied Nutrition

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The ACA Applied Nutrition course is designed to bring together the science, understanding and, most importantly, the application of nutritional practices. 

In today's overwhelming sea of information, it can be challenging to make sense of it all and develop a logical, usable, and ultimately successful approach to nutrition. This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to navigate this complex field with confidence

  • Enhance Your Professional Reputation

    Upon graduation from our comprehensive course , you will be able to display the prestigious ACA Certified Nutritionist emblem.

  • Flexible Learning to Suit Your Lifestyle & Preferences

    Our courses are designed to accommodate your unique lifestyle and learning preferences, allowing you to study at your own pace and in a manner that best suits you.

  • Apply Your Knowledge Immediately As You Progress Through The Course

    As you move through the lessons you can begin utilising your acquired knowledge right away, effectively applying it in your professional practice.

Content Overview


This module introduces you to key aspects of working in the field of nutrition and how to both interpret and apply academic research to your practices.


The Role of the Nutritionist and nutritional governing bodies Understanding the application of science based knowledge Basic laws of Biochemistry Methods of Research

MODULE 2 - Fundamentals of Nutrition

This module is designed to familiarise you with the molecular basis of human metabolism and physiology within the context of health, aesthetic and performance improvements. This fundamental knowledge establishes a base in which you can begin to understand and apply more advanced nutritional practices.


Understanding Energetic Pathways Part I Understanding Energetic Pathways Part II Managing Energy Balance The impact of hypo and hyper caloric energy intake Popular diets and optimal health Protein; Structure, metabolism and biochemistry Carbohydrates; Structure, metabolism and biochemistry Lipids (Fats); Structure, metabolism and biochemistry Micronutrients – Vitamins Part I Micronutrients – Vitamins Part II Micronutrients – Minerals Antioxidants and Exercise Eating behaviours and habits Meal Timing, carbohydrates and performance Meal Timing, protein and performance Hydration

module 3 - Dietary Compliance

Module three delves into the behaviours, habits and psychology surrounding nutritional intake and personal choices. It addresses key aspects of dietary compliance and behavioural change allowing you, the coach to both assess an individuals readiness for change and how to then program accordingly and effectively.


Exercise and the Immune System Self efficacy and belief systems in successful weight management Appetite pathways Hormones, Appetite and Eating The Reward Centre Habit Formation Stages of adaptation A Case Study

module 4 - Nutritional Programming

Systematic approaches to nutrition are ever present in todays nutritional landscape. Module four explores popular dietary systems, dietary and client assessment, concurrent programming and also introduces you to effective dietary supplementation.


Fundamentals of Dietary programming Dietary modification Establishing caloric Intake Dietary Systems and Bodyweight Fluctuations Dietary Analysis Popular Dietary Systems Hydration and Diet Supplements Caffeine and Creatine Nutritional Buffers Understanding methods for measuring Body Composition Dietary Reporting The Consultation Process Recognising Disordered Eating

Module 5 - Advanced Nutritional Theory

Advanced Nutritional theory moves deeper into the metabolic and endocrine responses to nutrition. Having a solid theoretical understanding of these responses assists practitioners in understanding the adaptive responses to both nutritional intake and exercise.


Metabolic Hormones and Insulin Part I Metabolic Hormones and Insulin Part II Glucagon and Thyroid Hormones Leptin Ghrelin and the Sex Hormones Fluctuations in Calories and Substrates

Module 6 - Special Populations

Module six covers the principles of nutrition in relation to special populations. This module allows you to differentiate between conditions that need referral and specialised services and conditions that can be addressed within your practicing remit.


Diabetes Part I Diabetes Part II Paediatric Nutrition Eating Disorders Pre and Post Natal Nutrition

Course Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course delegates will be able to:

Obtain insurance to work as a nutrition consultant.

Fully assess a client’s activity levels

Provide an in-depth analysis of dietary intake using software provided as part of the course.

Work as a nutrition consultant with client’s to provide evidence-based dietary advice (non prescriptive advice).

Offer, clear, evidence-based advice on the use of supplements

Average Learning Hours/week 2-4

Full Access to E-learning area and Exclusive members content

52+ Lessons

Fully delivered online content available worldwide.

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